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The Aristocrats


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The Aristocrats

We rented this one on DVD, along with Deuce Bigalo: European Gigolo (even for light-hearted entertainment, Deuce Bigalo II was somewhat of a stinker).

You know what? We couldn't even watch the first ten minutes. We skipped through the rest of the sections trying to find something watchable, but never found it. We have never done that with a DVD. We even toughed out our previous vote for stinkiest movie ever, "2001: A Space Travesty".

It's not that we can't take a dirty joke. We engage in our own "gross-out" contests every now and again (and I usually win - I'm not sure that's proper to brag about, though *grin*). It's that it's not particularly surprising or novel in all its forms. Everyone seems to be trying to simply out-disgust one another, and the name of the movie is always the punchline.

The editing is choppy - in most spots, it just goes from comic to comic to comic - the joke is simply disgusting, and repeated over and over again, and a lot of the time, they're just talking about the joke. Talking and talking and talking. Cripes, I don't come home to my wife and natter on "oh god, I'm trying to break apart this particular hierarchy of classes that are tightly coupled and removing the event handlers into the new shared context so that I can make them peers but there were tricks that were being used to bla bla bla bla bla bla bla" for minutes on end.

It seems to be a movie by comics for other comics and for pretentious newspaper movie reviewers. I cannot believed that the Tomatometer Rating of this movie is so high. Then again, I can't remember the last time a movie critic apart from Roger Ebert consistently ever gave unpretentious movie reviews ;)

If there's some meat in this documentary, it takes a while to get to it. Its sin in my eyes is making it too boring to get there. I'd give it a miss, unless you're drunk.

Fortunately, when we switched the DVD off, there was a most peculiar Mad TV episode with John Cho from Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle tormenting Bobby Lee. In addition to having Bobby Lee dance around in his undies in a Power Rangers mask with a robot, he gets him to prepare for his interview by merrily flossing his teeth, which when he spits spews out a gusher of blood, after which he smiles. A guilty chuckle, but it sure saved us from a bad "we rented two stinkers from New Releases!" mood. Thanks, Bobby Lee :)

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