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Jamie Oliver Cookware


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Jamie Oliver Cookware

Link: http://www.jamieoliver.com/tefal/

These pots and pans seem to have been T-Fal coming up with minor modifications on their line for Jamie Oliver. We had this on our gift registry at the Bay when it was half off, and by their registry rules, we got it at the sale price even months after our wedding.

It's a nice set of pans. We went for the anodized set. It's all T-Fal, which has the "hot spot" technology on their frying pans. Now mind you, the "hot spot" isn't as futuristic as I was hoping. The pattern disappears at the right temperature, it doesn't glow or blink or anything ;)

The thing that strikes us most about this set is the much lower heat you use them at on your stovetop. We can boil and fry things on medium heat. You're not supposed to use these on maximum heat on the stove. We're a little worried about one of the pans we left on heat 7; we'll see how it recovers from the layer of carbon on it.

You get a pretty good workout from these. The pans are pretty heavy, the handle stays pretty cool, and though we haven't tried this yet, you can put the pans from stovetop to oven or vice versa - there's silicone in the handles, and everything will tolerate oven heat. It's a pretty nice-looking set, fairly scratch-resistant, and came with a nifty set of tongs.

Now we can throw away and/or give away some of our bachelorware! At long last! :)

UPDATE: Saw four brands go head-to-head on The Shopping Bags, and was most gratified to see that they preferred the Jamie Oliver set as well :)

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