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Defiance: The Game

(I'll see if I can work at getting some screen captures in here, because it needs some dang screen captures! :) ) I got to be a minor fan of the Defiance TV show in the first couple of episodes because of some of the characters and twists they threw in… more »


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For a fan of biology, as well as of puzzle games in general, this is one of the most amazing things I have seen in a long time. Now, we already have things like Folding@Home, which is a distributed project that attempts to find low-energy conformations… more »


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Wii Title Roundup

Well, with Adam getting in so many Wii comments, I thought I might as well share a bit of a survey of the titles that we have picked up, and re-review a couple that we had already: more »


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Bad Day LA : American McGee

It was a game that looked mighty silly on the shelf, and amazingly cheap (I picked up my copy for $15 at Electronics Boutique). Given previous American McGee Presents releases like Alice (they're making a movie out of that!? Holy crokinole!) and… more »


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Netstorm Lives!

Looking through my shelf of game titles, I found a game that I remember having immense troubles with on a particular level. That game was Netstorm. It's a quirky title - a meld of RTS and puzzle game. You have a priest who can build workshops and make… more »


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Spellforce 2

Spellforce 2 is the sequel to the Spellforce game that I quite enjoyed. For those of you who have never played Spellforce games before, they are a combination of a party-based adventure game like Baldur's Gate, and a resource-and-building RTS game like… more »


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I can't believe that I didn't come across mention of this game. It's been in the works for a little while, and there's an extremely cool video from 2005 demonstrating the capabilities at that time. The video from the next E3 in 2006 lacks some of the… more »


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This is just the neatest damned game I have come across in a while. Originality is not usually the strong suit of videogames, and when originality comes into play, it's often coupled with either frustrating mechanics, mere confusion or repetition.… more »


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Half-Life: Episode One

I wasn't quite sure what to make of this when I saw it in the store. If it was different from Half-Life 2 itself, wouldn't it be episode two? Is Half-Life 2 actually episode zero? Well, it is a sequel to Half-Life 2, and picks up pretty much at the… more »


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This is a profoundly bizarre game. Cherokee plus science fiction. It's entertaining, but it will totally mess with you, at least for a while. Alright, the stars of the show are admittedly a little stereotypical, but it does square with the occasional… more »


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Crib Wars

My wife and I gave her parents the game Crib Wars for Christmas, and I got to see it in action yesterday. You can play regular crib on the board if you so care to. There's a spot marked "121" for the number of regular holes in the path. What's the fun… more »


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I've liked Bethesda's series of games for quite a while now. Daggerfall, Morrowind and now Oblivion. Oblivion is an epic quest in the same style as its predecessors. The same use-it-and-gain-it skill system is there: if you run a lot, your Athletics… more »


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Kingdom Hearts

This game was a surprise. It's one of the oddest concepts I've come across in a while - Final Fantasy meets Disney - but the truly strange thing is that it works, and even soaked-to-the-bone surety that running around with Goofy and Donald by your side… more »


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Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2

The accusation always goes that computers and video games make you gain weight because you're sitting on your duff instead of getting some exercise. That's not without some truth to it. Heck, I can feel it even just blogging here That said, there are… more »


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Katamari Damacy

A lot of people I know have encountered this before (to which I have to say, why didn't you tell me about it?), but our good friends Ennien and Robin showed this to us during one of our visits. They gave us a pre-wedding gift of a Playstation along… more »