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Final Death of an Iconic Restaurant

The Westin's iconic, classy Owl's Nest restaurant, after morphing into the "O. N. Grill", which I did not have the chance to visit, has finally packed it in. What do we have there instead? A Keg. I do not like fancy restaurants, by and by, but the… more »


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Edo Ichiban

We actually went out to vote in the PC party leadership elections today, which made us feel pretty good, actually. Afterwards, it was time for an extraordinarily late lunch, so we decided to pop into the Edo Ichiban restaurant on 32nd, not too far from… more »


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Nando's Chicken

We first encountered Nando's, strangely, in Nairobi. It was at the gas station near the Indaba campsite, with a grocery store and a pizza place. We didn't have the chicken there, but we did have some of their sauces with the pizza we ordered from… more »


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Coco Brooks

Right next to Memory Express on 32rd, though the sign outside may bespeak a fancy bistro, it's nothing of the sort, really. It's a pretty casual place with lots of seating that serves individual pizzas, calzones, pasta and salads. The pizzas are… more »


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The Broken Plate

This is a fine little restaurant in the northwest of Calgary up by Crowfoot Crossing; a good spot for Greek food. Reservations are recommended for Saturday. The appetizers were nice; we got the Greek platter, which had dolmades (stuffed grape leaves),… more »


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Julio's Barrio

We don't have a lot of Mexican restaurants in Calgary - if you don't count Taco Bell, anyhow. Salt 'n' Pepper and the Tecate Grill... there may be a few more. Julio's Barrio is a Mexican restaurant that is in the old location of Red Robin's in… more »


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Kinjo Sushi & Grill

We were invited out to dinner at the last moment tonight - to the Kinjo Sushi & Grill. We weren't sure what to expect, but it was an unexpectedly pleasant surprise. more »