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Vanishing Rabbit


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Vanishing Rabbit

Link: http://vanishingrabbit.com/

My fiancé was giving me a ride down Centre Street N, which has a hodgepodge of old stores, small businesses and restaurants along its length, when I spotted what appeared to be a magic store. "A magic store," I effused as we passed it, after already noting a number of cool spots along Centre during our driver, "we will have to remember to come back along here."

Dena paused, then made the next right, and smiled, and we went around the block. Indeed, would we otherwise remember to come back?

It was, indeed, a magic store. Entirely dedicated to magic.

Scarves, tricks, DVDs, books, building plans, everything for the conjurer. The proprietor, on entry, said, "If there's anything you'd like to see, just ask." Normally, you expect a well-meaning cashier, and I thought that's what he was. I was mistaken.

After letting us peruse, and letting us play with the store dog, he asked, "Would you like to see a magic trick?"

He started out with the sponge-ball trick. Dena was the audience participant. This is where one of the sponge balls is placed in your hand, and two come out where one was expected. The icing on the cake was the last part of the trick, where he explained, "well, this time, I put together a boy ball and a girl ball". Dena opened her hand, and out popped out the two sponge balls and tons of tiny ones.

He did quite a number of tricks for us. He's good.

Dena had picked up a couple of tricks to try, but he advised her, as an amateur, to try something simpler instead. He showed Dena the tricks she had bought, then made sure she could do them before leaving the store. I must say I wasn't expecting what the real trick behind the disappearing silk trick was, but it is very amusing :)

In retrospect, it goes to show that only a conjurer can catch a conjurer. It doesn't matter how otherwise educated you are (unless that education is in conjuring), you're not going to catch them out.

If Dena gets the chance to practice, you'll have to see. I think she'll do pretty well.

(UPDATE: Nope, Dena hasn't had the chance to practice :) )

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