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Review Impostors


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Review Impostors

Folks who pose as reviewers pretending that they would normally rate something highly, but that the material was such a travesty/so insulting/so unconvincing that they have to give it one star/zero stars if they could... just piss me off...

Okay, you can tell the general timbre of the links I was following.

Take this damning review of Scientists Confront Creationism:

Do I *have* to read more of this book?, July 26, 2000
Reviewer: Carl A. Brown (Dayton, OH United States) - See all my reviews
I was excited to find this book, in the hopes that it might give me some reason to continue in my beliefs of evolution. I was hoping that an objective look by scientists would give reasonable reasons to support the theory that everyone believes. But, page after page, article after article is filled with people trying to prove what they believe. Instead of looking at things objectively, the contributors to this book unveil their assumptions and their beliefs- regardless of what evidence they might find.

Contributors and authors insult and degrade the scientists who interpret the evidence differently. Is such an attitude necessary? (on EITHER side?)

I'm interested in finding someone who is willing to look at the evidence *before* they say, "Well, we know creation is a bunch of crap, so let's find out what REALLY happened."

I'm disheartened at reading this book, because it makes dialogue on this issue seem all the more difficult to achieve.

Well, well, that's pretty strong stuff. I wonder, Carl, whether you've reviewed anything else with such strength of your scientific convictions...

How about... Angels And Demons: What Do We Really Know About them?

If you want to really understand the nature of angels and what they can do in your life, then read this book. I have a much better understanding about my own guardian angel.

What else might this... um... evolutionist have to say?

On I Will Worship You...

Listening to this album is just one long prayer. It really helps me lift my soul to God.

I heard Fr. Stan at the Papal Youth Rally in St. Louis, and liked him right away. I was surprised that only one song is rap, but Fr. Stan does great with all types of music.

Great job, Fr. Stan!

Okay, I'm not even going to bother mentioning the abortion one.

I say this lovingly from the bottom of my heart, to those on both sides of any given ideological divides, * * * * you Carl A. Brown, and * * * * all you Carl A. Brown types. Have the gonads to post as what you actually are, leftie or rightie, creationist or evolutionist, and stop being * * * *ing posers pretending to be "so disappointed that it made you question your own beliefs", beliefs you never even held.



An actual sincere high-five to those who actually read the books, watch the movies, who say what they actually think and put some thought into it. There are a lot of you out there, and I appreciate it :)

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