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Identify the Creationist Quiz


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Identify the Creationist Quiz

Link: http://www.nineonline.net/index.phtml?location=http://server/Raf/upload/vianieuw2,607/

Admittedly, this is a little harder than your average quiz on identifying various kinds of creationists, with the addition of odder categories like Omphalos Creationist and Vedic Creationist, but it pays to know your creationists.

What would this be?

For Teilhard de Chardin, the acceptance of the factual reality of darwins theory does not require a rejection of Christianity. All of evolution, he thought, is moving towards a point of convergence called the Omega Point: a condition of synthesis that is at once the logical outcome of natural evolutionary processes and a state of consummate union with the divine

I'll help you cheat on the first answer, since it doesn't fit all that well with the others: it's a Theistic Evolutionist.

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