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Guy Fox Attack


  09:56:02 pm, by Nimble   , 258 words  
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Guy Fox Attack

I haven't been particularly interested in politics apart from the past, okay, it's approaching a decade. In particular, though, anything that makes international travel less safe (I specifically told the travel agent to avoid all US stopovers for our honeymoon travel plans), gives irrational people more power over political process, or has our bordering neighbours starting to resemble dystopian fiction, gets my dander up.

Most of the techniques the U.S. administration uses to get their way are barely concealed, from their founding philosophies to their media techniques.

The FOX network, which we get only the entertainment, and not the right-wing news side of up here, is firmly in the administration's pocket. It doesn't take a lot of research on Rupert Murdoch or Roger Ailes to see how.

So it wasn't a shock that they'd ambush Clinton a little bit in an interview. What surprised me a little was Clinton's cut-the-bullcrap reaction (here through the mildly comic filter of The Daily Show).

Keith Olbermann had a nice, long, nasty, honest commentary on the administration in reaction to this. Given recent events to rewrite history like the Clinton interview and The Path to 9/11, it seems that rage is required.

It's shocking, but refreshing, and although it still only partially makes up for the media essentially hiding during the worst administrative abuses, it's good to see.

It's strange to contemplate that, as centrist a position as Olbermann is taking on this, I'm sure it will come across as 'leftist' to many, so far to the right the seesaw has dipped.

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Comment from: Adam [Member]  

The thing I find amazing is that a right wing, corporatist political entity like the Democratic Party in the United States is tagged as “leftist". The party isn’t even liberal in any real sense of the word.

On a vaguely related note, why is it that the terms “centrist” and “leftist” are in common parlance while “rightist” is not?

10/02/06 @ 11:26