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Referrer searches

10/19/06 | by Adam | Categories: Technology, Silly

The Nimblebrain blog logs referrer details, including the search string used to get here. Usually they're pretty mundane ("nimblebrain", "ritchie blog") but sometimes they're just odd. Some examples, in no particular order or importance:

alternative cheese to use if you can't get Kefalotiri
"yak roast" recipe
THE CHINESE Mask of Hebu
jamie oliver cookware
"crib wars"
hostdime blank
russia black "pet fox"
aye song mp3 suaheli

One, "dilbert kevorkian disconnect", I can actually place but I can't think what connection it has to the site. Maybe Ritchie wrote something about annoying support desks at one point. Update: Ah, he did.



Comment from: Nimble [Member]  

I can explain a few of them :)

Kefalotiri is a kind of cheese they had listed at The Broken Plate greek restaurant here in town. I was disturbed, because it literally means “head cheese”

Yak roast would have come up when I discussed the interesting butcher shop we went to in order to get the yak roast and ostrich sausage for the one New Year’s celebration.

Guzoo is Lynn Gustafson’s basically rescued animal zoo that Dena and I went to on the way to D’n'A Gardens in Elnora.

“Hebu” is a bit of a miss. It’s not the Chinese mask that is referred to in my blog, but rather a Swahili “hey!” phrase.

Jamie Oliver Cookware, I actually reviewed. We bought some with the gift cards for the wedding.

Ptashny is the last name of one of my good friends in high school, David Ptashny, who went off to New York to do financial math.

Crib Wars is the name of the rather gruelling cribbage extension game Dena and I found in Shopper’s at one point and gave it to her parents.

Hostdime is where I bought my DNS hosting from at the time when I first got my own domain, and it’s still there.

Russia black pet fox would refer to the taming experiments done in Russia that have resulted in a generation of very tame foxes from pretty much wild stock.

The last two, ya got me on those… they probably refer to your own entries :)

10/22/06 @ 18:03
Comment from: Adam [Member]  

Figures that the odder the search, the more likely that you actually wrote something about them!

10/23/06 @ 17:14
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