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How Do You Identify Music Without A Title (Redux)

07/22/09 | by Adam | Categories: Music, iPhone
Back in 2006, I posed a question on the blog of how to identify music without knowing its name. Ritchie pointed me at Shazam shortly after correctly identifying the specific track via its lyrics instead. Since that time, Shazam has been ported to the… more »

iPhone notepad

07/16/09 | by Adam | Categories: iPhone
Daring Fireball has an interesting take on why the iPhone's note application is the pinnacle of the breed, with one of two minor niggles. I still can't agree: the time-based flat access system that John Gruber considers to be the appropriate design… more »

iPhones and roaming wifi

05/16/09 | by Adam | Categories: iPhone
Apropos of not much: - Trying to sync over wifi when your laptop is already connected to a pay-to-play wifi hub doesn't work. Apple really needs to open up their iTunes sync API so that third party apps can piggyback on it. - Pay-to-play wifi just… more »

On contracts and unlocking cellphones

04/29/09 | by Adam | Categories: iPhone
TidBITS, an Apple-centred news/discussion site, had a very brief discussion on unlocking cellphones after the contract is up. I have to say I'm unsure why cellphone companies are not obliged to do this. The rationale -- as I understand it -- is that… more »

Pseudo-random changes to iTunes Store application pricing

04/23/09 | by Adam | Categories: iPhone
I keep tabs on applications in the iTunes Store that drop to free as it's a chance to try out an application that otherwise I wouldn't bother with. Sometimes when looking at the apps, you see some very odd behaviour. At the link is a program called… more »

Airfoil Speakers Touch

04/17/09 | by Adam | Categories: Macintosh, iPhone
I really wanted to like this. I've been waiting for someone to come up with a decent application that I could use to spool audio from my Mac to my iPhone while at home. It would be -- so to speak -- "Radio Adam: The Next Generation". I thought this was… more »

iPhone ad hoc networking

01/14/09 | by Adam | Categories: Games, iPhone, PalmT3
Since migrating to an iPhone, I've been impressed by a lot about it. Naturally though, there are various shortcomings that periodically pull me out of that Jobs reality distortion field of bliss. Today, it's that reduced Bluetooth stack. Whether due… more »

Review: Apple Airport Express's AirTunes

10/27/08 | by Adam | Categories: Technology, Music, Reviews, Macintosh, iPhone
Recently I picked up an Apple Airport Express which is their little doodad that acts as a 802.11n extender, USB printer host and -- most importantly to me -- an AirTunes source. One of the problems I've been chewing on for a while is how to get my home… more »

The cost of subscriptions

07/12/08 | by Adam | Categories: iPhone
Amusing comic from The Joy Of Tech of how those "small" charges add up. And it's about the iPhone so bonus points there for Rogers. more »

The perils of warranty exchange

05/29/08 | by Adam | Categories: iPhone
DOH! (Via Gizmodo) more »

I Want One (cellphone wristwatch)

05/23/08 | by Adam | Categories: Technology, iPhone
While I have an extremely nice and tasteful -- albeit conventional -- watch, this little number is strangely appealing. Yes, more so than an Apple iPhone... more »

iPhone Mega

05/19/08 | by Adam | Categories: Silly, iPhone
More "silly" than "technology". (Via Kottke) more »

Bluetooth A2DP audio on a dedicated MP3 player

04/28/08 | by Adam | Categories: iPhone
Yes, Apple, it is possible. Now go fix your iPods and iPhone so they meet current standards. more »

iPhone moves another step closer to killing the Palm Tungsten

04/18/08 | by Adam | Categories: iPhone, PalmT3
While the Apple iPhone is getting close to being able to replace my beloved Palm Tungsten T3, there are two primary issues that still make it an inappropriate choice for me. more »

Palm emulator for the iPhone

03/01/08 | by Adam | Categories: iPhone, PalmT3
Wired asks: The question is, Why? The answer is: there are a lot of good PalmOS applications that simply don't exist on the iPhone. more »

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