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The web is forever... (kinda)

10/19/06 | by Adam | Categories: Music, Copyright

A few years ago -- 2003 to be precise -- I wrote up an article on ripping DRM'd CDs to MP3 and stuck it on my website. I updated it a bit last year and then forgot about it. Today, the feedback mechanism on the site produced this:

Just wanted to say thank you Adam.

When you go through the trouble of spending $20 a cd to rip it for your ipod, you expect the studio would treat a customer with respect… Well they don’t. When attempting to rip Delerium Chimera, I too couldn't at first. After trying several diff ways, I finally came across your article and used the freeware Audiograbber. Works like a charm, as if the protection wasn’t even there. Next time when I see that little c in the graphic, I'll think twice about spending my $$$ on the cd...

Alrighty! Score one for the good guys.

I periodically think about pulling much of the old content down as I'm really not maintaining it, but sometimes even old information has value. Besides, it's easier to just leave it there in stasis.



Comment from: ElTwo [Visitor]  

I can also recommend Exact Audio Copy for those releases that have pesky digital restrictions management.

Shouldn’t that be “Score one for the good guys” though? Strike would imply a miss, in keeping with the baseball reference. :)

10/20/06 @ 19:35
Comment from: Adam [Member]  

The phrase is correct, but I can see why you’d use the Americanism. The context is more akin to “He struck a blow for freedom” than “He struck out.” Anyway, changed to cut down on confusion.

10/23/06 @ 17:12
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