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Farewell to Facebook

01/12/20 | by Adam | Categories: Technology
A year ago (roughly) I withdrew from Facebook. After repeatedly hearing from all the nonsense that they were up to their eyeballs in, whether it be using micro targeting on minorities or for political aims, leaving wide swaths of private personal data… more »

Where'd the blogging go?

01/11/10 | by Adam | Categories: Technology
As any (by now) periodic reader has noticed, blogging's gone way down on my side of the Nimblebrain site. The reason is relatively simple. I was finding that most of the stuff I was commenting on was really "Oh, this is interesting" which required very… more »

The Muppets Cover The Beatles

08/29/09 | by Adam | Categories: YouTube
Lovely collection of Beatles covers by the Muppets, including a superb "Let It Be" rework from Sesame Street. (Via BoingBoing) more »

Producing address lists from the OSX Address book

08/24/09 | by Adam | Categories: Macintosh
Recently I was mailed a bunch of contact information to another OSX user -- basically by emailing vCards from within the iPhone. I would have done it from the Mac but that required the extra step of saving the vCard to the filesystem before I could send… more »

Facebook Faux Pas

08/17/09 | by Adam | Categories: Technology
As they say, "Don't do this". (Via Warren Kinsella) more »

How Do You Identify Music Without A Title (Redux)

07/22/09 | by Adam | Categories: Music, iPhone
Back in 2006, I posed a question on the blog of how to identify music without knowing its name. Ritchie pointed me at Shazam shortly after correctly identifying the specific track via its lyrics instead. Since that time, Shazam has been ported to the… more »

iPhone notepad

07/16/09 | by Adam | Categories: iPhone
Daring Fireball has an interesting take on why the iPhone's note application is the pinnacle of the breed, with one of two minor niggles. I still can't agree: the time-based flat access system that John Gruber considers to be the appropriate design… more »

Metered internet

05/17/09 | by Adam | Categories: Technology
Did you know that it's really easy to get through a gigabyte of data in two days without using torrents or streamed video and audio (albeit with a little bit of Skyping)? Neither did I up until a few hours ago. Major contributors: Windows update,… more »

iPhones and roaming wifi

05/16/09 | by Adam | Categories: iPhone
Apropos of not much: - Trying to sync over wifi when your laptop is already connected to a pay-to-play wifi hub doesn't work. Apple really needs to open up their iTunes sync API so that third party apps can piggyback on it. - Pay-to-play wifi just… more »

Things iPhoto thinks are faces

04/30/09 | by Adam | Categories: Macintosh
I don't have a copy of iPhoto'09 with the feature that tries to automatically recognise people's faces and tag them. I'm looking forward to trying it out eventually. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the Flickr group where people post some of iPhoto's near… more »

On contracts and unlocking cellphones

04/29/09 | by Adam | Categories: iPhone
TidBITS, an Apple-centred news/discussion site, had a very brief discussion on unlocking cellphones after the contract is up. I have to say I'm unsure why cellphone companies are not obliged to do this. The rationale -- as I understand it -- is that… more »

On "magic"

04/28/09 | by Adam | Categories: Technology
Wired has a nice writeup on magic tricks and the shortcomings of the human perceptual system that allow them to work. more »

Progress ain't everything

04/26/09 | by Adam | Categories: Technology
When I moved off the Amiga to other platforms, I left behind a number of interesting hardware tricks required for producing the sterling graphics the platform was known for. When trying to use the Amiga file formats on other platforms, the results were… more »

Pseudo-random changes to iTunes Store application pricing

04/23/09 | by Adam | Categories: iPhone
I keep tabs on applications in the iTunes Store that drop to free as it's a chance to try out an application that otherwise I wouldn't bother with. Sometimes when looking at the apps, you see some very odd behaviour. At the link is a program called… more »

Staples MailMate Compact Shredder

04/22/09 | by Adam | Categories: Technology, Reviews
Pluses: Small, attractive shredder capable of destroying CDs and credit cards. Staples will replace it when it fails within the warranty period. Minuses: Randomly decides that it's going to no longer turn on. Small paper bin means frequent changes;… more »

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