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In response to: Replacing a Waltec 12

Nimble [Member]

Of all the strange side things, Brian! 😅

There was just such a paucity of material on it, and so many of these old neighbourhoods have these old contractor-installed Waltec bits of hardware, it was crying out for just a straightforward explanation and some of my trademark horrible artwork.

I hope it helped!

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Brian Woychuk

In response to: Replacing a Waltec 12

Brian Woychuk [Visitor]

What a crazy world we live in - I was looking for information about how to fix the Waltec 12 faucet in the house I recently moved into and this is the blog I land on! Didn’t realize it until I got to the comments but now the detail of the directions is making a lot of sense :) Thanks for the tips Jade!

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In response to: The IB Experience

Yashail [Visitor]

Hey Ritchie, enjoyed reading your blog, brought back many memories, “why, am I falling apart” to “may I join you” is classic but no one really got it when I copied that outside of the IB group for some reason. I believe David Ptashny is an investment banker in New Jersey last time I checked. Would be great to connect with fellow IB geeks from our class.

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Richard Sedesky

In response to: Replacing a Waltec 12

Richard Sedesky [Visitor]

the diverter went on our real old wallet tub and shower. I pulled the old diverter out, took it to eco pl/htg. and they gave me a duplicate. it will not do anything once I replaced it. can you tell me were I went wrong?

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Peggy Hesse

In response to: Replacing a Waltec 12

Peggy Hesse [Visitor]

I replaced the two cartridges on my Walter tub faucets. Hot and cold. Now when I turn the water on I have to turn the hot tap all the way open and my cold only a small turn. What did I do wrong?

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In response to: AronRa's Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism

Nimble [Member]

Aron is unlikely to darken the doorstep of my small corner of the Internet, but I’ve been tracking creationist arguments myself for a not insubstantial number of years.

>You’re right when you say that “Demanding an ‘ape-man’ is actually just SILLY.” Glad you now admit that it’s “SILLY.”

Wow, stop with the “gotchas"; it’s unbecoming, because that’s a strawman version of what he said, and what he said was a complain about strawmen in the first place. It’s the demands for creatures halfway between a clade and a member of that clade. It would be like demanding a book halfway between the Bible and the Vulgate, or the Bible and the NSV.

There are more gaps in the fossil record now, in large part because there are more fossils and less space between them. The going joke between biologists is of course that (from a creationist’s perspective) every gap we fill produces two new gaps.

>Humans are distinct from the animal kinds. Look in the mirror, Aron. Do you see an ape or a human looking back at you?

I’m sure the answer would probably be “yes".

To my recollection, chimpanzees and gorillas were classified with humans taxonomically back when Linnaeus was first sorting things out. Some readings I came across of the era thought gorillas might be a form of lower, cursed or devolved human, and that dovetailed rather well with some of the “erudite” thoughts of the age vis-a-vis black people.

But now that we know that gorillas are not actually devolved humans, well, the church is all about separate creation. Well, at least the sects that worry about such stuff.

But the original taxonomic tree wasn’t far off. Biochemically, anatomically, physiologically and genetically, chimpanzees and bonobos are closer to us than any other life forms on Earth, and gorillas aren’t too far behind.

I did a whole blog post on using online protein databases to tell, and it matters little what genes you start with, as long as they are commonly sequenced:

Creationism’s playbook on baraminology/created “kinds” really hasn’t changed much since the seventies, and its proponents had a habit of seldom retiring any of them, no matter how short they were brought up in debate.

If you have evidence like that, publish it. I’ve been through numerous books and “papers", and the amount of handwaving, pretense of open questions, poisoning the well and outright deceit from those publications makes me despair of them actually making a forthright attempt to prove their case.

I went through Sarfati’s book with a fine-toothed comb and was appalled. There was food for another 45 posts if I were so inclined; I have scrawled notes all over my copy of his book.

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In response to: Baby Axel Arrives!

Nimble [Member]

Happy to have you here, mister, and glad you enjoyed a little bit of your backstory! Proud of you as well, mister! *HUG*

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Axel Annand

In response to: Baby Axel Arrives!

Axel Annand [Visitor]

1st son and child of Ritchie and Dena here, I feel happy for knowing my whole backstory of my birth, and I am still very happy in my current life. I am now in 2019 and I noticed this just now, happy to be here.

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In response to: AronRa's Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism

Camille [Visitor]

L. Aron Nelson (aka “Aron Ra” sun god):

You’re right when you say that “Demanding an ‘ape-man’ is actually just SILLY.” Glad you now admit that it’s “SILLY.”

Thanks for also admitting that there is the “problem with bridging the GAP between humans and apes.” Now, are you ready to admit that the reason there is a “GAP” (no “ape-man” transitional forms) in the fossil record is because humans did NOT descend from apes? As you always state: “If you can’t show it, you don’t know it!”

And your assertion: “So where is the proof that humans descend from apes? How about the fact that we’re still apes right now!” Let’s not get “SILLY” now, okay Aron?

Humans are distinct from the animal kinds. Look in the mirror, Aron. Do you see an ape or a human looking back at you?

If you need help in distinguishing the difference between apes and humans, I can help you with that.

In fact, if you want to know WHY there is NO evidence humans evolved from anything, just let me know and I’ll be happy to explain it to you.


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In response to: Replacing a Waltec 12

Naimy [Visitor]

My Walter facet hot water seat keep cracke every three month I been replacing since 3year . Any advice or just keep replacing every 3 to 4 moth . Thanks .

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In response to: A Litany Of Fun Aliases

Adam [Member]

It’s 2018. What’re you still doing futzing around with a blog for? :)

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In response to: "A Device Attached To The System Is Not Working"

Carson [Visitor]

This also worked for me. Bizarre. Thank you!

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In response to: Replacing a Waltec 12

James [Visitor]

This entry might be almost 11 years old now, but I wanted you to know that it saved me today from having to call a plumber. The diverter valve on my Waltec 12 failed, but with these instructions, I was able to remove it and put on the replacement 14F525 myself. Thank you very much!

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Bruno Ferreira

In response to: ORA-06575: Package or function X is in an invalid state

Bruno Ferreira [Visitor]

Thak you!

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In response to: Replacing a Waltec 12

Visitor [Visitor]

blog but still very useful, thank you for posting the information-couldn’t figure out how to remove faucet.

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In response to: "A Device Attached To The System Is Not Working"

CEP [Visitor]

Many thanks to Nimble. Your solution also worked for me.

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In response to: Replacing a Waltec 12

Rod [Visitor]

Good morning I have a waltec12 tub spout, I replace my wall tiles and now I am finding I can not screw the chrome rings onto the silver face plate thats holds it tight to the wall, using it now with the rings but its hard to turn taps on for the binding on the face plate. Is there any way I person could cut down the face plate about a quarter of an inch and if so what would you use to cut the face plate, tried hacksaw but it just rides the face plate thanks rod

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In response to: Peahens Fan Too

raelene [Visitor]

I’ve been raising some chicks and I’m trying to find out how many are male. Most have been fanning. Now I don’t know how to tell. Any ideas?

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In response to: Replacing a Waltec 12

Gus [Visitor]

How to install diverter?

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In response to: DeMille Technical Books Is Still Alive!

Nimble [Member]

I’m so sorry to hear that, Charlie :(

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Charlie Perry

In response to: DeMille Technical Books Is Still Alive!

Charlie Perry [Visitor]

We at DeMille Books have sad news. Evelyn DeMille Passed away peacefully on October 31 this year. She was a wonderful woman, and great friend and a valued advisor to all of us here at DeMille Books.

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In response to: Invalid Floating Point Operation in Embedded Internet Explorer

Peter [Visitor]

Hi, thanks for this article, you totally saved my day! Our Delphi application had the same problem on XP (not on Win7) and this seems to be THE right fix!

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In response to: Replacing a Waltec 12

roy [Visitor]

I have the Waltec 12
Waltec 14F625-1 this the chrome body. My issue is the shower head I am getting more cold than hot, can’t seem to adjust it wondering if diverter is shot?, also when diverter is pulled still getting water out of taps. does this mean I need to replace??
It does look that hard I have replaced cartridges 2 in 8 yrs on it but wondering if it is time

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para sayma makinesi

In response to: Lampoonesque Picture of the Day

para sayma makinesi [Visitor]

Nice parking I guess

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In response to: Coco Brooks

Andy [Visitor]

I see most people have had a good experience there but my family had a far different experience. Poor customer service and rude! A really bad place to eat IMO.

I’d steer clear of this establishment.

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John Seaurse

In response to: Replacing a Waltec 12

John Seaurse [Visitor]

Waltec 12 . Taps had to be shut off very very tight. Replaced washers with 1/4R, and seems to be OK. However the diverter does leak, but I will live with that for now.

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In response to: "A Device Attached To The System Is Not Working"

Piotr [Visitor]

Thanks, I had exactly same problem and disabling clipboard solved it!

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Kelly McDonald

In response to: DeMille Technical Books Is Still Alive!

Kelly McDonald [Visitor]

I have known Ms.Demille for over 25 years — if someone receives this email– PLEASE contact me ASAP.

on this email address.

thank you,


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Suzanne T. Conroy

In response to: Sleep Number Beds

Suzanne T. Conroy [Visitor]

Well thats not pleasant at all. Too bad. Though these mattresses give comfort and relaxation and hotels should have all their beds with this! haha!

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In response to: Replacing a Waltec 12

quintillion [Visitor]

I’m a 72 year old lady who has don DIY stuff before but was stumped until I saw your diagrams and instructions. Thanks very much.
From Vancouver Island

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Leon B

In response to: Replacing a Waltec 12

Leon B [Visitor]

What tool do you need to replace the seat on a Waltec 12 shower unit?

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In response to: Russian Wussburgers

Nimble [Member]

George, you’re not reading the post particularly thoroughly if you think it’s laden with sarcasm. This is about a bit of Russian medical superstition. Not “low grade fevers can be really serious", but “above 37 C, your blood will solidify".

I don’t think there are too many doctors in North America or the UK that would treat an axillary temperature of 37°C without other indicative symptoms, and I’ve had my share of fevers in both places, which is why the Russian coworker reaction to the temperature seemed so extreme.

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Declan Barrett

In response to: DeMille Technical Books Is Still Alive!

Declan Barrett [Visitor]

I have to say that De Mille’s Bookstore is the one store where you will buy a higher proportion of the books on the shelves, than any other bookstore that I have come across.

Many bookstores sell volumes of books of moderate quality, with a few good reads, and plenty of temporary trend sellers.

But De Mille’s has real intellectual quality. These guys seem to filter extremely stringently, and then provide the best material to buyers. To get on a shelve in De Mille’s a book must have some serious value. It is the complete opposite of a newsagent in an airport which contain’s throwaway books. A book on the shelve in De Mille’s is such that you will be thinking of buy two copies of it.

It is for this reason I find myself composing this review of De Mille’s.

If you find yourself in Calgary, I recommend a visit. You will probably be very grateful that you visited it. It is also very easy to locate being close to the transit line in the downtown area of Calgary.

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Tanya Seeton

In response to: DeMille Technical Books Is Still Alive!

Tanya Seeton [Visitor]

May 25th 1965 a customer ordered a book from your store..
seems it wasn’t available and you sent her a card to let her know it would be about 3 weeks.
the stamp was 4 cents!!!

This card fell out of an incredibly old beat up Shakespear book that I just bought at a second hand store on the 25th of May this year!

part of me is curious…this is the first old book I ever bought
and I want to let E. Turnbull that this card and book was found..

I am really excited to share my find with you..and am hoping you might be able to help me find E.Turnbull.

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In response to: Parenthood, Part II

Nimble [Member]

It feels cooler being a grumpy old nerd than it used to as a young nerd :)


It’s poignant for me because I’m positive for those gene variants. So are you, in fact, and you’re homozygous for both, which means that our kids definitely have the trait.

Then you had to go breastfeed them both. What have you done!?! :) :)

23andme points to this paper for this particular genetic effect.

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In response to: Parenthood, Part II

dena [Member]

rofl! I am absolutely beside myself that you made the “if you have ____ genotype and breastfeed, your kids will have a higher IQ” argument…

/I <3 nerds! :D

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In response to: Replacing a Waltec 12

Jay [Visitor]

My Waltec 12 was eating flat washers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I had to replace the hot cartridge twice prior to today.

Finally took a trip to Homeless Depo and finally realized that I could repalce the seats. (What a thought!) So, new seats, a plumbing alan key, two new cartridges and some ring washers and home I went.

Where did all those chewed up flat washers go? Why to the diverter of course. I must have pulled enough rubber out of the diverter holes to make 6 washers. BUT, in removing the diverter, I destroyed one of the ring washers on the diverter.

I’m close… but not done just yet. YES, you can save some $$$ on DIY, just ask questions.

Thanks for the diagrams way, way above… Very accurate. Wish I had seen it before.

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In response to: "A Device Attached To The System Is Not Working"

Nimble [Member]

Ran into this problem again today, and disabling the devices was not enough.

What I ended up having to do this time was tell it to not be full screen. Then it was happy. I do not know why.

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In response to: ORA-06575: Package or function X is in an invalid state

Prakash [Visitor]

Thanks for this.

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Ritchie Annand

In response to: E2328 Linker error while emitting metadata

Ritchie Annand [Visitor]

One other way it can happen is when something is holding onto the existing .pdb file.

Today, it occurred because I was running AQTime elsewhere, but the project still was set to look up debug information in my output folder. I thought it would just read the files; I did not think it would hold onto them.

So, try to delete your .pdb files if you get this error, especially if it suddenly starts happening when it never has before.

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In response to: Diet Rite Comes To Canada!

Bob [Visitor]

Update Jan 28 2011. Talked to a person at Co-Op in Calgary and said the Diet-Rite cola is being discontinued and replaced by a Cott product. Available in 2-3 weeks.

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Colin V

In response to: Replacing a Waltec 12

Colin V [Visitor]

Thanks for the great diagram and all the follow up comments. I had a seat that had began to corrode, thinking I would have to replace the entire system until I saw the comment about the seat being removeable. Got out my Allen set and a 5/16 size later, had the bad part in my hand and off to Home Depot. Thanks again.

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In response to: Replacing a Waltec 12

Peter [Visitor]

Millions of thanks !
Your sketches are more than good to follow

 Permalink 09/08/11 @ 12:52

In response to: Parenthood, Part I

Adam [Member]

Neat write up. I look forward to part 2!

 Permalink 08/28/11 @ 20:00
Wayne C.

In response to: Diet Rite Comes To Canada!

Wayne C. [Visitor]

Hey thanks, Tessa I just bought some at SAVE-ON too. On calgary trail.

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In response to: Peahens Fan Too

Noah [Visitor]

Its a female!!!!! Don’t be fooled!!!

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In response to: Replacing a Waltec 12

Tharan [Visitor]

Hi guys,

Does anyone know the hot water cartridge part no. for the waltec 12? Would the cartridge for a 14F525 suffice? Any input is appreciated.


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In response to: Invalid Floating Point Operation in Embedded Internet Explorer

Nikola [Visitor]

You saved me a lot of time too. Nice job :) I would have never found fix for this error.

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In response to: Prodikeys DM

manigordo [Visitor]

I recently bought a refurb(/used) original PK (the white one) for around $50 (inc s&h); yes I know, kind of expensive, but I could not resist it’s charm. And like you mentioned, they’re hard to come by (harder by the minute). The only significant dif to the DM seems to be touch sensitivity; as a matter of fact, I think they use the same software (except TS, of course). Maybe later on I’ll be getting a more recent model, like the MIDI (USB). In fact those were the only two things that bothered me; a little; lack of pressure sensitivity and not being PnP (PS/2 only). Vista(/Win7) driver support is currently not of my concern; but eventually will become a problem, since there doesn’t seem to be any driver support. The bundled software was great; although a little bloated; worked fine and was easy to use. The only caveat was the site’s OL support for optional downloads; I can’t seem to dl any of the advertised Fun Tunes, Penta Tunes, Rhythms or Learnable Songs. There’s a perennial “Service unavailable” err message. Tried the main Asia site (directly from Creative); but either can’t seem to find anything, or redirects me back to That is, unless someone is kind enough to mirror them (pretty plz:) I know it’s no big loss either; but I would’ve liked to try them out. Anyhow (and finally); my brother thinks is heavy, clunky, odd looking, made of cheap plastic, and toyish; but I think it’s sturdy, convenient, neat, has good quality, and works flawlessly. And at the very least it’s a million times better that my cheap old crappy keyboard, and does a lot more…

PS: BTW, there’s a small sliding panel to the front right; with space barely to fit a small card; can’t figure out what’s for; any ideas?

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In response to: Invalid Floating Point Operation in Embedded Internet Explorer

Nick [Visitor]

Hi Ritchie,
I had the same problem with my app. on winXP, but not on win7. It seems, your solution makes my program to run properly on xp as well. You saved me a lot of time. Great job, thank you!

 Permalink 03/24/11 @ 01:57
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