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X-Men : The Last Stand


  12:18:06 am, by Nimble   , 133 words  
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X-Men : The Last Stand

Link: http://www.x-menthelaststand.com/

We went to see this today, and quite enjoyed it. It's a little uneven in some plot points and flat in some interaction and fight scenes, but it was overall very enjoyable, and they certainly upped the stakes here. Grand altercations and a few surprises abound.

Yes, that is Kelsey Grammar as the blue-furred Hank McCoy a.k.a. Beast. It's a fun role for him.

Watch for the (nearly usual now) Stan Lee cameo :)

They do leave a crack open for a sequel, though this quite comfortably ends the series. There are no huge cliffhangers right at the end.

If you stay past the credits, you do get a little scene that only makes sense if you remember the talk about ethics earlier in the movie. I'll say no more than that.

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