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Won Something Small


  03:10:14 am, by Nimble   , 147 words  
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Won Something Small

If you keep entering contests, you're bound to win something else :)

Ritchie - I’m writing to tell you that you won yesterday’s quip contest. Congratulations! You are a funny guy.

You should be receiving a free Quip It! game and two magnetic Quip It! frames for your photos- one for you and one for a friend. Please continue to enter your quips at www.quipitgame.com and remember to send the link to your friends, co-workers and family, as well. Whoever has the most winning quips by the end of the promotion wins a trip for two to see Conan O’Brien in New York.
Again, thanks for your participation!

Team Quip It!


Dang it, though, I won it for what I thought was my weakest quip :)

UPDATE: Three days later and the game actually just arrived at the door. Holy crap :)

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