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Wii Title Roundup


  12:31:11 am, by Nimble   , 323 words  
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Wii Title Roundup

Well, with Adam getting in so many Wii comments, I thought I might as well share a bit of a survey of the titles that we have picked up, and re-review a couple that we had already:

Legend of Zelda: Pretty, albeit with cartoonish characters. Rather dark storyline. A fair number of different things to do, like fish, climb, herd goats, etc. Controls are annoying in spots (very easy to eat your bee larvae if you run indoors with a slingshot you can't use) but generally good. Makes good use of the Wiimote's speaker. Definite potential to get stuck. Monkeys have giant butts.

Smooth Moves: Still fairly fun, though it really ought to be played at parties, not solo. We wish multiplayer was unlocked earlier.

Elebits: Still nifty, but a little more aggravating than expected, since you really have to exhaust the areas you are in to get the next more powerful level of gun.

Mario Party 8: Definitely a hit with the relatives. Quite a lot to choose from - but the major mode of play is a 'board game' with minigames, of which there are oodles and most of which use the specialities of the Wiimote control, between every turn. 15 turns can take a long time. It's hard to wait for computers to take their turn.

Trauma Center/Second Opinion: A little bit on the tough side, as it requires you to do a lot of selection with the Nunchuck, and it's a little sensitive and can leave you selecting the wrong thing. That wouldn't be so bad if the time wasn't so short. I should probably try it on Easy :) Very Japanese flavour to it.

Cooking Mama: Cook-Off: A funny darned game with sometimes confusing instructions, especially for things like stewing. Chopping is a lot of fun. Kneading seems quite fussy. Haven't tried it head-to-head yet, but that seems like it will be even more fun.

So when's the next party, Adam? :)


Comment from: Adam [Member]  

Party? Socialize? Are you kidding?

06/20/07 @ 13:06
Comment from: Nimble [Member]  

No, I’m not kidding!

However, your incredulity bespeaks being beleaguered. Be that true?

06/21/07 @ 03:19
Comment from: Adam [Member]  

That would take me into the realm of work-related discussions on the blog and I’m trying to avoid that :)

06/21/07 @ 09:42
Comment from: Nimble [Member]  

Alrighty then. Agreed. I avoid blogging about office politics, projects, etc. The only work-related things I tend to post are just tool and technique related. I don’t even think I mention where I work. Avoiding such topics just seems to make good sense all around, especially since my views in general certainly are only representative of myself, and airing office grievances on a blog would be the height of unprofessional behaviour.

So I’ll just have to ask you in person, then :)

Got one more title to add to the fray, because we ate Quizno’s new little ‘flatbread pizzas’ (quite good, but that buffalo sauce is spicy… ow!), and they had $5 coupons for Electronics Boutique, so I picked up Paper Mario (and, laughingly, EB gave us a coupon for Quizno’s right back)

Paper Mario: I’ve never played any of the Mario games with the mushrooms and the coins and all, but this is kinda fun so far. It’s a regular platform game, but you can hit a button and go 3-D, to find secrets or pass by things. Being in 3-D is stressful and can damage you, though. It certainly adds a dimension (hardy, har) to the puzzles. The Wiimote isn’t used quite the same as in other Wii games - it’s relegated to mostly being a regular controller - but you can at least at the start point it at the screen like a flashlight, to identify things and sometimes to discover secrets.

06/22/07 @ 07:08
Comment from: Adam [Member]  

Since I’ve opened the work genie’s bottle, I’ll try to be more specific. I have no problems with meta-work blogging, e.g. talking about concepts and blue sky ideas. Where I see issues are primarily these:

- Anything that may allow people to discern where and who I work for. There may be issues surrounding privacy and confidential information, future work, current work, letting on to business advantages and secrets. It’s one thing to chat about these with friends in private, but this ain’t private.

- Catty comments about business processes, employers, customers and co-workers. It’s not just about the current lot, but also future ones. Say for example I blast my current employer for some reason and I’m not concerned about repercussions as I’ll be leaving the job shortly and there’s nothing actionable. The next employer (or several employers down the road) will surely have someone in the hiring chain with a good enough knowledge of Google to find blog entries even from pseudo-anonymous entries like these. Reckon they’ll be fond of an employee who has a track record of mouthing off in public? (Side note to L2: this really is an example, not a thinly veiled forward-looking statement.)

06/22/07 @ 10:06
Comment from: Nord [Visitor]  

(This comment has been deleted)

We don’t take comments from PornTube-spamming asshats, thank you very much.

01/13/08 @ 00:49
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