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What's That Around Your Neck?


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What's That Around Your Neck?

If you don't know the story behind what I wear around my neck, here's the goods :)

For those of you who don't know what's around my neck at all: it's a little 'art flask' with the top epoxied on, containing salt and a small cut watermelon tourmaline on a leather cord.

This was an engagement gift from my fiancée, Dena, proposed to me Christmas before last. (She was brave enough to make the first move while I was still reeling from break-ups in my circle of friends.)

What's the deal with tourmaline?

The story is a little geeky. Dena remembered me talking about my favourite mineral from my childhood. I had the 1957 edition of the Golden Guide: Rocks & Minerals, and tourmaline was listed as being both piezoelectric (like some speakers) and will also form a charge in response to light. If kept out on a counter, they will collect dust, Swiffer-style.

Plus, gem-quality tourmalines have very nice colour gradients.

I love colour gradients :)

So now you know!

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