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UPS Follies


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UPS Follies

Wow, UPS is not making it into our good books this past week.

Konica-Minolta sent us a replacement laser printer and it arrived last Thursday.

It arrived, however, by UPS, who left a big box readily identifiable as a laser printer on the front step. It could have easily gone walking.

Incident number two - today. They had attempted a delivery of something yesterday. We weren't there, so they marked 2-5 pm Tuesday as their next delivery attempt. It was C.O.D. for delivery, so we couldn't just ask them to leave it, and cheques were to be made out to the sender, not UPS, and the sender being outside Canada, that wasn't going to work.

So Dena went home before two to catch them.

When she got home, there was an "attempted delivery: 10:40 am" sticker on the door.

Phoning the 1-800-258-4393 number on the slip, you get a very long monologue about delivery attempts and the like. You must wait until the entire spiel has played (it's long) to find out that you can press 0 to talk to someone. If you press any other number (I only tried a couple, mind you), you are summarily disconnected. It sounded like after a third failed delivery attempt on C.O.D. items, the item gets sent back to the sender, so I was in a bit of a panic.

Fortunately, there's a UPS depot not too far away from us, and it was open until 7 pm. The gal behind the counter was very nice, and paged the driver who had the parcel, and found out he was coming in. It was a bit of a wait, but we got the package.

Yikes, though. UPS worries me.

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Comment from: Adam [Member]  

Purolator are my bete noire when it comes to delivery companies. They appear to have given up making residential deliveries and just call you to their offices. The one for south Calgary is on 17th Avenue SW. Really handy when you live near 60th Avenue SW.

The bit that *really* gets me are their hours. The 17th Ave. office is open 10 am to 6 pm, weekdays only. Good luck on getting there while they’re open if you happen to work. Worse still, while they do have a downtown office on 6th, it’s open between 1 pm and 4 pm.

Are these guys running a business or a hobby?

11/14/06 @ 22:13