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Truth in Spamvertising


  12:00:04 pm, by Nimble   , 148 words  
Categories: Distractions, Internet, Spamming

Truth in Spamvertising

I have been very happy about the collective realization of e-mail software that automatically loading images puts you at risk for more spam simply by having tailored image tags expose to the spammer the fact that you read the e-mail.

Online web mail has been a little slower to come along, especially the versions run by various ISPs. The workarounds, like turning the web browser's own image loading off, are annoying.

I am thus pretty happy that my internet provider has put in a feature into its beta web mail software where images are not automatically loaded.

In the provider's spam trap folder, I have a message about some crappy penny stock scam. The images are set not to load, so there is only a small chunk of text with just a little request:

Please Enable Links and Images to Confirm Your Email!

Ha, ha! How about: NO.

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