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Tradesmen: Peak Painting


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Tradesmen: Peak Painting

Link: http://www.peakpainting.ca/contact.htm

I have nothing but good to say about these guys. Mike Evans is a young guy, enthusiastic and professional. I'm not sure he needs my word of recommendation, because he and his band of painters are quite busy here in Calgary, but heartily recommend him I shall, regardless.

These folks are listed by the Better Business Bureau for good reason. We talked with him during busy season, he told us about his schedule, and how he could arrange things. When he had a break in the action, he called us (!), and said they could do the place over the course of the next three days.

That they did. They did all the prep work, and painted up the place, leaving the spots unpainted that we had pointed out when we first met them. We had left trim out of the contract, but were starting to feel the time crunch with the upcoming wedding. They offered to do the trim for an eminently reasonable rate.

So there we go. Four days later, my old townhouse is now in excellent condition, and the price for the paint work is right on estimate.

Thumbs up to you guys.

Now, if only I can find an electrician and plumber of the same caliber...

UPDATE: My parents actually took my recommendation on him and his crew for repainting their home for selling, and were also very happy with the service they got. You always worry about what happens when you recommend tradespeople to family, and you're always very happy when you ended up having nothing to worry about.

I'm still looking for recommendations on the electrical and plumbing side :)

UPDATE # 2: It looks like Peak Painting has vanished. I wish Mike luck on his future endeavours, but now I'm sad. If anyone knows what he's moved on to, please let us know.

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