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Link: http://tradekey.com/

I was checking up on how the LED projector revolution was coming along, when I ran across a site that connects exporters and importers. Normally, that wouldn't seem like a very exciting place to look around on, but a great many of the sell offers are accompanied with pictures and descriptions, and there is some truly bizarre stuff available for import.

Not sure how long these links will last, but looking through their LED products, you find things like an LED parking sensor which indicates your distance to things as you're backing up, LED stir sticks (including some with an Islamic logo), and walking sticks with LED flashlights in them.

Continuing to other areas, you find such gems as needle detectors (for your food products or haystacks), silicone garlic peelers, a digital Qur'an, laser tattoo removal systems, camels (no, not the cigarettes, camels!), fake watches (just what I need), electroluminescent Guinness signs and odd PS/1... knockoffs? (complete with gun!).

Tradekey itself is run in Saudi Arabia, so you see a few more things from the middle east on it. Is there anything like this for European or North American markets?

Of course, it's just all fun for browsing. I won't be making a 6000-piece order of silicone garlic peelers anytime soon.

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