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Tolkien's "The Children of Húrin"

04/20/07 | by Adam | Categories: Potpourri

Link: http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/books/item/books-978000724622?sssdmh=dm1.263641&emailAddr=6164616D684073706F74732E61622E6361&pticket=0oxhxynoq5dtdf45dawiod3lYookKGjTlJ6Eh95RwbYG7J5%2fwOg%3d

I really only have one question about this: will it be even less readable than "The Silmarillion"?

Of course, it could be as dull as the "Books of Lost Tales". "The Hobbit" was a classic; "Lord of the Rings" was a rather fine read. After that, the Tolkien oeuvre is a little hard going.


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Comment from: dena [Member]  


I had the same experience as you with “The Silmarillion", Adam. As a Tolkien fan, I think I would have much better enjoyed the straight sharing of Tolkien’s notes, without the effort of someone else trying to link it all together.

As a “window into the mind of the author", I know I would have received that book very differently– definitely more positively and with much greater pleasure.

04/21/07 @ 11:47
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