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Those whacky, whacky searches (again)

03/30/07 | by Adam | Categories: Silly

Time for another installment!

how to youse spellforce cheats

People actually spell like New Yorkers sound? That's almost scary. Link.

Jayden James Bit tit

I had to Google this one myself to figure out what the context was. Apparently it's the name of Britney Spears' baby; it seems I'm just not into pop-culture enough any more. People are weird, particularly when you see what they clicked through to! Link.

"this machine eats fascists"

It's a legitimate search for a sticker on a guitar but looks really strange out of context. Link.

modernsquid -stumbleupon

Ah, Armando's trying to find the blog again. But not stumble upon it. Link.

decrease blog 2006 Leave a Comment "Leave a Comment"

He didn't leave a comment after all. Twice. Link.

Hot Chicks DVD - 9 Jack Chick tracts come to life

With a search that specific, you might have thought he'd find the right site. Nope. He got us instead, specifically Ritchie's mini-review. Link.


I'm not sure which is funnier: that Ritchie made the spelling mistake in the first place; or that someone else actually made it while searching. Link.

Timeline for Jehovah in Saipan

Guess he got bored with Galilee after a while and went to travel the globe. Either that, or he's on a new world tour and someone has to update their rolodex. So, given this blog, what possibly could we have with a strong religious bent that might satisfy this searcher? Yes, it's political corruption (specifically sweatshops and Jack Abramoff in Saipan.) Link.

Finally rounding off this installment is a search from the South African Google:

breast nice

Yup, they got the breast milk project post. Link.

Nimblebrain: making fun of Google Search keywords for the last few months! (And artificially pumping up future hits when people look for the same keywords again!)


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