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The Subversives


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The Subversives

Link: http://svn-dev.blogspot.com/

I'm quite a fan of the open source version control system Subversion (tastes particularly good with TortoiseSVN if you're using Windows), so it was interesting to get this passed along. It's quite a widely-dispersed network of people, many of whom have never met one another before.

So it was pretty interesting to hear that Google was gathering a whole bunch of them up for a conference. Subversion is also the version control system that Google chose for its Google Code project. The announcement is on the http://code.google.com/ page:

Oct 25, 2006 - Ben Collins-Sussman

Last week Google hosted the first-ever summit for Subversion developers. It was quite a remarkable event - the Subversion project was founded over six years ago and most of the developers had never met in person! Thirty of us gathered at Google's headquarters in Mountain View for three days, where we talked about the future of SVN: how our merge-tracking feature is coming along, how to implement difficult new features like 'obliterate', a new repository design, and whether the next generation of Subversion should have decentralized features. You can ogle various notes and photos on our shared blog.

I think it's a pretty excellent way to reward the fine folks who have been working on Subversion who have made many of their users' lives easier over the past while. Even SourceForge has been getting their feet wet.

Cool :)

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