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The Broken Plate


  11:46:40 pm, by Nimble   , 232 words  
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The Broken Plate

This is a fine little restaurant in the northwest of Calgary up by Crowfoot Crossing; a good spot for Greek food. Reservations are recommended for Saturday.

The appetizers were nice; we got the Greek platter, which had dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), keftedes (Greek meatballs), calamari and spanakopita. It's quite a large plate, definitely sufficient for four (unless you're college students), heavy on the calamari.

They seem to specialize in seafood, especially at this time of year. I had the salmon, which comes layered with spinach, spanakopita-style in phyllo pastry. It was good. My wife had the lamb, which was fall-off-the-bone.

Mildly on the pricy side, but not outlandish, especially given the quality of the food.

Apparently, you can break plates there, in a controlled manner. We got to witness such a controlled crash in the corner, but not partake, so I don't know what the real rules are for plate-breaking.

They also have flaming cheese. We were warned that a neighbouring table was about to enjoy this dish, prepared with brandy and flame. The warning was a good thing - there's a big flash of heat that comes off them. One thing that disturbed me was the name of the kind of cheese they use: kefalotiri. Literally, that seems like it would mean "head cheese", but certainly not the way we'd mean it. It's named after a style of hat, it would seem.

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