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The Brick Testament


  11:55:10 pm, by Nimble   , 130 words  
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The Brick Testament

Link: http://www.thebricktestament.com

Wow, talk about a labour of... well, some combination of emotions which may have included part love and part obsessive-compulsive disorder.

I'm talking about the Bible done entire in lego. (From a link on the Divine Afflatus)

When my mother was packing up for a last move to the UK, we came across some bibles. I was intrigued to see that they were all New Testament-only, and some tiny editions which I can surmise contain only the nicer chapters thereof.

That just totally misses all of the violent, gory fun of the Old Testament. (I suppose there was a reason why such bibles were called the "Good News Bible"!) Such as the massacre of the Canaanites in Judges.

The tent peg to the head is definitely a special effects tour-de-force :)

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