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The Big Score

11/14/06 | by Adam | Categories: Technology, Silly

Link: http://www.kottke.org/06/11/popular-posts

Over at Kottke, there's a post about getting the big score, the post that drew the most people to the site -- the one that made the weblog what it is.

Over here, my big hitter with a grand total of 114 views as of this writing (yup, that's it!) is about Referrer Searches. Number two, with 106 views, is Tauren Plushie.

Suffice to say, I don't think I'm setting the blogging world alight. I can't figure out the variation in numbers either; if the readership was composed purely of search-bots ("Domo Arrigato, Mr Roboto!") alone, it would produce a relatively even distribution of reads over time but the numbers are all over the place.

I won't give numbers for him, but the most popular hits on Ritchie's side of the blog are Kinjo Sushi Review and Nimblog Moves House.

I have absolutely *no* idea what makes for an popular post based off the above, so you'll have to stick with whatever I find amusing. Sorry about that.


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Comment from: Nimble [Member]  

*laugh* I harbour no illusions any longer that I am going to set the world ablaze with my blogging :)

I have too many topics of interest to me to go specialized - it seems you have to do one thing well, and dedicate yourself to it if you want popularity.

I am tickled by the referring search list, of course. I’m the de facto spot for Kinjo Grill reviews, and used to be such for things like GuZoo.

When I see people putting in search terms for things I had a problem with and figured out, that makes me especially happy to have helped someone out of a tight spot.

With time, too, I’m finding that a blog is really an extraordinarily handy journal. In paper form, I would never do the research that I tend to on a blog. Even something Notepad-style would not lend itself to a lot of research. A blog, however, since it’s “out there", I feel the need to not only put in a little more research, but to form my thoughts better.

Then I can look back over it and see some pretty cool stuff. Just the other day, I was at work and Sam Brownback came up, and I thought out loud, “I hate that guy. If only I could remember why.". I have it listed on my blog, though, which reminded me readily of his crackheaded dominionist tendencies.

It also helps me remember things about the Africa and Europe trips.

For the record: Kinjo Review, 89 views (used to be more before the hacker wipe), Nimblog Moves House, 66 views :)

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