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That rather paints them into a corner

08/11/07 | by Adam | Categories: Macintosh

Link: http://www.mymacdealer.com/desktop/

In one of the first sentences on the page describing the Mac Pro, "MyMacDealer" uses the unfortunate phrase:

Fastest Mac ever.

Well, I guess that's it over for the Macintosh. 3 GHz and it's never going to go faster. Ever.

Fortunately though, MyMacDealer isn't the last word in Apple's development cycle as this verbal silliness isn't repeated on their site(*). Instead Apple does make this pretty daft statement:

your imagination has finally met its match.

Still, credit where credit's due as there's no reference to the "ultimate" anything. No, I lie:

It also gives you four PCI Express slots and lots of I/O options for ultimate flexibility.

The adverglish, it hurts so much. Make it stop.

* Well, actually it is, but they hid it in a meta description box instead of in clear text. They've done it before with earlier systems. For example:

“The new dual 1-GHz Power Mac G4 with NVIDIA GeForce4 graphics is the fastest Mac ever and the fastest personal computer ever for creative professionals,” said Philip Schiller, senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing.


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