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Some ID Comments Just Take The Cake


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Some ID Comments Just Take The Cake

ID is still developing it's scientific framework but many of you evolutionists are like hypocritical people who want to kill a new born baby on the basis of the argument that the baby does not talk and does not run even though you know it is a new born baby.

Ahhh! Where did my cake go?

I don’t have any idea how different species got their internal organs. I DO know how they didn’t. Take a look at the fossil record. It shows the appearance and extinction of millions of different species, a small percentage surviving today. Not a phylo-tree, not one species morphing into another, no species growing legs, eyes, arms, fingers, toes, wings. THAT is what the fossils show. They don’t support evolution at all, in any way. How did they all initiate? I have no idea. You think you know because someone told you, and you are willing to believe them for some strange reason. I did as well, but no longer.

I swear I put my cake down here somewhere...

Now ask yourself, once these processes resulted in Atomic Particles with valences, and s/p/d/f shells that fill in a certain order, and isotopes that decay, and on and on, did the Atoms HAVE ANY CHOICE IN HOW THEY INTERACTED? WAS INORGANIC CHEMISTRY ALWAYS DETERMINISTIC? I think most would agree it always was.

Was it cake gnomes? Cake just doesn't disappear like that!

I hate to spoil your Christmas Ritchie but just recently they found platypus fossils dating back over 112 million years ago, more than twice the previous fossil age of 64 million years ago…
Findings…NO transitional modifications were evident but exact “stasis” as exist today!

Hey, there is now but a puddle of liquid where my ice cream cake was, and the modern platypus has no molars!

No mutations have occurred in 300 million years among beetles. None!


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