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Sock Puppetry/Happy Esperanto Day!


  06:35:51 pm, by Nimble   , 750 words  
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Sock Puppetry/Happy Esperanto Day!

Sxtrumpetmarionismo/Felicxa Esperanto-Tago

In honour of Esperanto Day, December 15, I am also translating this blog entry into Esperanto. I'm sure it's quite an awful translation I've done!

Honori Esperanto-Tago, la 15(dek kvin)a de decembro, mi ankaux tradukis cxi tion blogenskribigon en Esperanto. Mi estas certa ke gxi estas malagabran tradukon tiun mi faris.

(pronounced, 'honoree esperanto-tahgo, la deck-kvina deh detsembroh, mee ang-cow tradookeess chee tee-on blohg-en-skreebeegawn enn esperanto. Mee esstass t-sertah keh jee esstass malagabran tradook-on tee-oon mee farees)

[The 'x' seems to be standard Esperanto orthography for a ^ mark above the previous letter, softening it, so s="s", sx="sh", c="ts", cx="ch", g="g", gx="j", j="y", jx="zh" as in French 'je', since most fonts don't have letters with a hat on an s, c, g pr j :) Also, u="oo", ux="w"]

Resources: A good dictionary, a good pronunciation guide, a good language course

Rimedoj: Bona vortaro, bona gvidilo por prononco, bona lingvokurso

On with the show...

"Sock puppets", to use the term as refers to its use in chat rooms, forums and blogs, are different names used by the same poster, mostly for evil...

"Sxtrumpetmarionetoj", uzi la vorton tiel ke gxi estas uzita kiam oni parolas pri babilspacoj, novajxgrupoj kaj blogoj, estas plejparte diferencaj nomoj uzitaj per la sama verkinto, kutime por diableco.

It far and away a negative term: someone temporarily changing their chat name to "Einstein's God" just to get a giggle by saying "I do roll dice!" would not apply. Writing as someone else to either support your position, or to tell other people to lay off your main character, is what we are typically concerned with here.

Estas plejparte negativa/insultata vorto. Oni kiu kelktempe sxangxo (say it 'shanjo') onian nomon al "Dio de Ainsxtain" por ridigxi ne estas sxtrumpetmarioneto.

It screams immaturity, not necessarily of age, but of dealing with other people. Put yourself in this position: why would you want to log in with another name to pretend you were someone else? To be funny?

Gxi forte signas malmaturecon, probable ne juneco, sed male trakti aliajn homojn. Imagu, ke vi estus li: Kial vi volus preteksti esti du homoj? Tial esti komika?

It goes far beyond that, though. Most sock puppets, unless banned, persist well after most people are publicly wise to their activities. On pro-evolution boards, sock puppets propping up anti-evolution arguments are prevalent, but it is not limited to that. Here, a gay-basher tries out sock puppetry from an alter ego (amusingly named "concerned citizen") to defend himself:

Sed gxi estas preter tial. Plej sxtrumpetmarionetoj, krom se estus malpermesitaj, dauxras tiel spite cxiu scias tio ke ili faras. En novajxgrupo pri evoluademoj, estas multe da sxtrumpetmarionoj kiuj disputas evoluadon, sed ne sole tiuj. Cxi tie, kontrauxgejo penis *ridadas* (that's the past tense of penas, 'try') sxtrumpetmarionismon por uzi alternegoon (amuze, li nomis mem "gravecanta civitano") por defendi mem:

concerned citizen Says:

Skatje maybe you should stop talking behind Andres’ back and you know the whole point was to bash him. Just admit it b/c otherwise you wouldn’t have used his name or narked on him to the principal. So yah I dunno what else to say other than you really owe him an apology and need to move on. But seeing how I know he won’t get one all I got to say is you really need to get out more!

Skatje Myers Says:

Hey, concerned citizen? Isn’t it weird that you have the SAME email address that Andrew does? Oh, and the same IP.


gravecanta civitano diris:

Skatje eble vi devus cxesigi paroli konfidence kaj vi scias la tuta celo estis por insulti lin. Simple koncedu cxar kontrauxe vi devis ne uzi la lian nomon aux babilulis rilate lin al la cxefa. Do jes, mi ne scias aliojn al diri, escepte vi sxuldas apologion al li kaj vi devas adiauxi. Sed cxar mi scias ke li ne recevos apologion mi devas nur diri ke vi reale devas pli elauxtigxi!

Skatje Myers diris:

He, gravecanta civitano? Ne estas bizara ke vi havas la sama retposxta adreso, tiel Andrew havas? Ho, kaj la sama Interretadreso.

Actually, it seems normally the case that the sock puppet master has a losing argument. It's almost like invoking the Nazis - if you resort to a sock puppet, you've lost, well and truly.

Efektive, sxajni ke preskaux cxiam sxtrumpetmarionetestroj havas venkigxajn argumentojn. Estas simila al alvoki naziojn - se oni devas uzi sxtrumpetmarionojn, oni jam venkigxis.


Comment from: Nimble [Member]  

I either did well on the translation, or everyone is unfailingly polite :)

Other folks: look here for other Esperanto Day postings!

12/15/06 @ 17:06
Comment from: Steven Brewer [Visitor]  
Steven Brewer

Your translation is great! There are a sprinkling of minor errors, but nothing worth correcting (IMHO) – everything is perfectly understandable.

Happy Esperanto Day!

12/16/06 @ 15:56
Comment from: Nimble [Member]  

Your translation is great! There are a sprinkling of minor errors, but nothing worth correcting (IMHO) – everything is perfectly understandable.

You are likely being too kind, but thank you!

I’ve got some general linguistics under my belt, so I can suss out things like adverb use, and tried to get the accusative case in there (adding n’s to nouns), but you can only get so far on that, online Esperanto dictionaries and some reference Esperanto pages :)

I wouldn’t mind some corrections, really ;)

Actually, most fonts do have those accented letters

I certainly realized mine did :) Just posting it so that it didn’t get nonsense characters, just in case, mostly because I’d been having fun watching people have IE7 rendering errors (non Esperanto-related) over the past weeks.

Actually, I had contemplated putting the posting up a second time with “proper” orthography. Perhaps I should, but only if I can get some corrections ;)

I find the discussion on the x-characters versus entities pretty interesting. I must say, I like the look of the entities better, but I understand things like plaintext e-mail and newsgroup difficulties.

It is a small world

*laugh* It is a small world. I would dare say that Pharyngula readers are more likely to do something like participate in Esperanto blog day, but since there are just a handful more than 50 links posted on the Feliĉan Esperanto-Tagon page, that seems a large coincidence indeed!

Now if only I could read Portuguese or Esperanto with any skill, I would be able to read your Esperanto Day posting!

If anyone figures out how to make an Esperanto equivalent to POPjisyo (which takes a regular page, parses the words, and turns them into pop-ups in English), I would be a very, very happy person :)

12/18/06 @ 20:17
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