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Smell Of Demeter


  02:22:08 am, by Nimble   , 149 words  
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Smell Of Demeter

We located twelves bizarre scents in a display in the Chinook Centre Shopper's Drug Mart. We were looking at them, head tilted, at the names of the fragrances, things like "Dirt", "Wet Garden" and "Sugar Cookie".

So we picked up "Dirt" and gave it a sniff. Hell's bells, it smelled like DIRT!

Well, that was it, we were off and sniffing :) Sugar Cookie really does smell like sugar cookies. Angel Food Cake smells like hot angel food cake. I can't vouch for the authenticity of Gin & Tonic, Cosmopolitan or Mojito, 'cos I don't drink or hang around in bars, but pretty much everything else was authentic. We came back home with a Fuzzy Navel.

Check out their web site. There are far, far more fragrances than the ones we encountered. So if you're determined to get back childhood memories, one of these smells is likely to do it :)

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