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Singin' in Korean


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Singin' in Korean

I get such a damned kick out of Stephen Colbert. He has made a marvelous career out of parodying the right, but some of my favourite clips of his are when he indulges in over-the-top geekery (like the Green Screen Challenge) and some of his other miscellaneous segments.

So when he got knocked off a top 100 spot to #2 by Korean R&B singer Rain, he fought back... with a video of his own.

Dena taught in South Korea for almost four years, so she got a particular kick out of this. He is singing in Korean here. "Rain, I'm going to be all over you like egg on a bowl of bibimbap".

I like it when people do their homework, so to speak.

As internet-crazy as South Koreans are, I can't wait for the reactions :)

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