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Sin City


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Sin City

This... is an intriguing movie. Violent, gory, mostly black-and-white with spots of colour, stylized, film noir. It's a living, gangster comic book with a sassy edge. Ang Lee's The Hulk got the comic book feel down with camera shots. This doesn't have the camera shots, but it has everything else.

Mickey Rourke plays an absolutely fantastic Marv - it really must be seen to be believed. Comic book heroes... well, "heroes" is a little loosely defined in Sin City... take a licking and keep on ticking, and that is where Sin City oozes (in more ways than one) comic book feel. This ain't no Seagal-gets-a-scratch-or-two-on-his-face pansy-ass movie. The protagonists, tough as nails as they may be, deserve every hard-won step they make.

Bruce Willis always looked like he came out of a 30's movie, and he's perfectly at home here.

If Robin Williams in One Hour Photo wasn't enough for you, Elijah Wood steps out of his usual role here. He's creepy. Really creepy. Kudos. I particularly enjoyed the comic book glasses. You'll know what I mean :)

All in all, it was a pleasant surprise - I came out impressed. I wouldn't recommend it for those who think getting punched on TV is in poor taste. Well, that's to put it mildly.

If you've got a stomach for gore and you want to see something a little different... go for it.

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