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Simpsons : The Monkey Suit Episode


  11:39:47 am, by Nimble   , 139 words  
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Simpsons : The Monkey Suit Episode

Link: http://www.tv.com/the-simpsons/the-monkey-suit/episode/724778/summary.html

I didn't really think the Simpsons would take on a stronger evolution versus creationism episode... but they did, and while the ending was a little bit 'diluted' from my own views, all in all, I'm pretty impressed at the way it was handled.

The approach to the whole episode tried to avoid some of the actual hot buttons: constitutionality, rebuttals to "missing link" arguments, and the reasons for the judgment and its retraction were 'goofy', but the Simpsons have pretty high visibility here. Even with 9 parts comedy to 1 part seriousness, they will offend some people.

It will get people talking, though. I expect a few flame wars about, but I think finding out what the fuss is all about will help some people.

On a final note here: I am all of a sudden very, very impressed with Marge :)

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