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Link: http://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B000IB0DA8?ie=UTF8&tag=thecerealkill-20&linkCode=as2&camp=15121&creative=330641&creativeASIN=B000IB0DA8

'Tis the season for movie rentals over Christmas and Boxing Day, where there is either too little to do elsewhere, or there are boxing day sales, the likes of which mortals are not prepared for.

This movie was surprisingly interesting.

It's a Canadian movie, and relatively low-budget, but it actually has a really good story to it, and poses some interesting questions.

It follows an awkward but good-hearted nerd, Norman (well-played by Perry Mucci; this appears to be his first film) working for a brokerage company, working with his laptop in the storage room. Maybe that's the importance they place on him, and it certainly adds to the vaguely oppressive atmosphere, but there are also indications that office space is very limited. He seems to watch a Windows task manager a lot of the time.

In his spare time, he helps out at a comic book store, trading his computer services, including setting up an online store (!), for comics. The owner, Chuck (played by Daniel Baldwin), is a rough but kind sort, and is the one Norman goes to for comic book questions.

At night, sleeping pills and earplugs keep the sounds of his neighbours arguing and/or having sex from letting him sleep.

Norman discovers that one of his coworkers, Victor, a somewhat cocky broker, seems to have some sort of power. Sure, it seems at first to only prevent coffee cups from smashing to the ground, but Norman sees an opportunity to, perhaps, create a superhero.

I won't going into much detail past this point, save to say that it gives a grittier, less comic-booky view of how one would go about trying to do this, and that process is what gives the movie its power. Take the perennial questions: "Alright, it's 3 AM, let's stop some crime. So what do we do?" and "What about costumes?".

One thing I appreciated on the DVD was that the special features had out-takes. I love out-takes.

From the looks of the deleted scenes, poor New Guy really got short shrift on the cutting room floor.

Thumbs up on this movie.

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