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Seeing Through Simulated Colour-Blind Eyes


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Seeing Through Simulated Colour-Blind Eyes

There is a nifty site called VisCheck, a particularly interesting feature of which is the feature they have to show a web page as it appears to the colour-blind.

It simulates three kinds of colour-blindness: Deuteranope, Protanope and Tritanope. Deuteranope and Protanope are two different kinds of red-green blindness, although in Protanopia, the reds are actually dimmer or more invisible than in Deuteranopia.

It feels a little mean to point the site at places like icanhascheezburger, but how else could I find out how much cows can hide when opsins go awry:

With all your opsins, unless you're a Deuteranope or Protanope:

Cow Full Colour

Now, for the red/green-subtracted version:

Cow Full Colour

The cow could seriously hide in a field of that stuff.

If you're one to make gaudy web sites, though, you owe your potential audience at least a run-through with the VisCheck site.

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Comment from: Adam [Member]  

We already did this one (well, related issue anyway!): SimDaltonism

02/14/08 @ 07:48