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Satan Loves Low Cholesterol


  03:07:02 am, by Nimble   , 199 words  
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Satan Loves Low Cholesterol

Someone reposted a Kent Hovind video about the dangers of evolution. There was one slide that just caught my eye, because it was sitting in the freeze frame, ostensibly showing the evil population control that will be foisted upon us all:

Reduce birth rates w/
* abortion
* RU486
* birth control
* homosexuality
* lower cholesterol
* high cost of living=smaller families
* eugenics
* 1 child/family-China

Wow, so homosexuality is now not only somehow voluntary for people, but being promoted to help control population! Who knew!

It was the "lower cholesterol" that made me blink a couple of times, though. Oh no, it's not about your heart health, it's about infertility. From Truth Radio:

Low cholesterol and its link to infertility. Keep in mind the big picture. Satan hates God. And Satan and God have been at war for 6,000 years. God's plan is fill the world with kids. [...] Satan, of course, wants the opposite. He wants to reduce the world's population to zero as soon as possible. And so Satan is going to work towards reduction of the population and lowering cholesterol is good way of doing that.

In keeping with the worldview of "there are only two choices", Kent Hovind: delusional or two-faced? :)

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