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Retarded uninstalls for programs

10/02/07 | by Adam | Categories: Technology

I really thought we'd progressed past this.

Ok, the background: in order to see Ritchie's baby photos (of his baby as opposed to Ritchie as a baby), I had to create a Facebook account. While there I thought I'd add a link back from my iTunes install so tried out this plugin called "Qloud". It installed easily enough but after a little playing I decided I didn't really like it and went to uninstall it.

Well, there's nothing in iTunes to remove plugins. There's nothing in the settings for Qloud either. The installer tool doesn't have an uninstall option. How do you get rid of it then? Well, the very old way: manually deleting files stuck in obscure subdirectories. On a Windows install, that means going to the "iTunes/Plug-Ins" directory while iTunes is stopped and deleting anything with "qloud" in the name. This isn't hard but it's what I would have expected from software development ten years ago.


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