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"Repo Man"

05/22/08 | by Adam | Categories: Music, Reviews

I have issues with this soundtrack. I bought it because of the presence of one stunning instrumental, "Reel Ten" by the Plugz. Moody, interesting, twangy. The problem lies in the remainder of what's on the disc.

It's California punk. The lead track, "Repo Man" by Iggy Pop, is not one of his more accessible. Black Flag's "TV Party", while funny, makes for hard listening. Suicidal Tendencies "Institutionalised" seems to be an excuse to scream a lot, and that's about the same that can be said for the Circle Jerks' "Coup d'Etat". "Lets Have A War" by Fear was actually skipped over the first time I heard it, something I rarely do. Juicy Banana's "Bad Man" should probably get him arrested. The only other bright spot on the CD is Burning Sensations' "Pablo Picasso" which has a killer riff. It doesn't do much with it but that can at least be put on the positive side of the ledger.

Yeah, apparently I don't care for punk music. How the Plugz go from the sublime "Reel Ten" through the silly but decent "Hombre Secreto" to the unlistenable "El Clavo Y La Cruz" I don't know; it's as if all three were done by different bands. The only recommendation I can give for this album is to buy the few good tracks online and avoid the rest like the plague, or pick the CD up real cheap somewhere...


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