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Prize Number Seven


  11:28:14 am, by Nimble   , 156 words  
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Prize Number Seven

I got a letter a while back from the people running the contest for International Truck & Engine, to the effect that I had won fourth prize in their contest, which was a remote-controlled vehicle. How cute, I thought.

This makes my seventh win in online contests:

  1. Delenn doll from B5
  2. Manchurian Candidate movie premiere tickets
  3. Coupons for free Olivieri pasta and sauces
  4. Dock Rock 4 CD
  5. Trip to Switzerland
  6. Quip It! game
  7. Remote controlled truck

Well, the remote controlled vehicle arrived a while later. It's... big. Have a look:

The truck, with a Yorkshire terrier for scale:
Truck out of packaging

My lovely wife, Dena, about to help tear the truck out of the packaging: RC Truck and my lovely wife

It uses what looks like a laptop battery. We're charging it up right now :)

Small update: this remote-controlled truck goes fast - I think I'm not going to be able to truly enjoy it until I can get it out into a big unoccupied parking lot :)

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