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Ever been on a long flight, and they give you one of those little packages of pretzels, and you desperately need just a little more amusement than merely eating the pretzels?

Well, perhaps you haven't, but I have, and with all the connecting flights, I did figure out that I could spell just about anything with those tiny pretzels, just by nibbling off just the right pieces. Now granted, there had to be a certain amount of license taken, but some of the letters come out okay. For example, the X:

(dim rectangles of course indicating the parts you need to eat!)

So, for crazy people's enjoyment, here is my whole sample alphabet in preztels, or "pretzelbet", as nobody in their right mind would call it: the full pretzelbet.

You will notice that there are actually more ways to make the letters than these. Yes, yes there are! Perhaps a lowercase r would be more recognizable, or the M and W could actually be based on the same bites. Go wild! Some letters are definitely more challenging than others. Airplane mini-pretzels seem to be a very good challenge, and you might have to practice to get the full letter "G" I list.

Yes, I miss the span of time when they actually came out with pretzel letter snacks, thanks for asking :)


Comment from: Auntie Enn [Visitor]  
Auntie Enn

Do you miss that span of time when they actually came out with pretzel letter snacks?


Darnit, quit answering my questions before I ask them!

04/13/07 @ 21:16
Comment from: Nimble [Member]  

*laugh* Thank you, Enny, for walking right into that one. Of course, it means you guessed the impetus behind the pretzelbet with ease, and for that, even though I usurped your question, you get a half a kudo :)

(Which from a dictionary search online in Japanese seems to be “this painful world” or “magnesia", which I bet makes for some great rip-roaring puns!)

04/26/07 @ 22:43