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Photo Acute


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Photo Acute

Link: http://www.photoacute.com

A friend of mine had pondered putting together a program where you could take a lot of photos of the same scene, with a tiny bit of movement in-between, and then you could do some interpolation and get a sort of super-resolution that your camera could not achieve on its own.

He then found out that someone had already made a program like that.

There seem to be two very good uses for this program:

#1: Get really good resolution out of lesser pictures

#2: Remove interlopers from a scene

Here's one of the before-and-after samples from four images:

Before and after: super-resolution

The same technology that lets you get better resolution from multiple pictures of the same shot also lets you get moving objects out of the scene. So if there's a monument or something similar that never seems free of people or what have you, you can get rid of them.

All in all, a specialized but very nifty little program, if you don't mind snapping all the extra photos to help it work.

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