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Permanent Stamps


  01:45:47 am, by Nimble   , 113 words  
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Permanent Stamps

Link: http://www.canadapost.ca/personal/corporate/about/newsroom/pr/default-e.asp?prid=1182

I had to blink a few times when I was picking up a parcel today, from a sign I saw at the post office.

Canada Post has at last brought the concept of the "permanent stamp" across the pond. This is a stamp for a particular function (in this case, domestic letters), and it is always worth the going rate.

This would be a great help around our household, where we just don't send a lot of letters, and we let stamp packs accumulate. No more wheelbarrows of 1 cent stamps, or even a need to look up the current going rate for letters.

More than a golf clap from me, Canada Post. Bravo.


Comment from: Adam [Member]  

I have this stack of Christmas themed stamps lying around my house due to the annual 1 cent increases; maybe two or three stamps from each Christmas season dating back years. I applaud the posties on this change.

Now if only they could do the same for US and International varieties too.

11/17/06 @ 09:45
Comment from: Nimble [Member]  

I would love it if they were to extend this to US and International, given that’s where about half of my mail goes to. Perhaps they will, and this is a mere trial run, or perhaps the involvement of part payment to the other postal services throws a wrench into the works.

We still have quite a few old stamps to get through first, though :)

11/17/06 @ 22:18
Comment from: Bryan Ewert [Visitor]
Bryan Ewert

After reviewing Canada Post’s “Just The Facts About The 1¢ Stamp” trivia, a recollection struck me (I’m OK; t’was barely a scratch).

Adam, remember that stamp collection I gave you many moons ago? You should find several vintage 1¢-4¢ stamps in there. (Actually, I don’t know if there were any 1¢ stamps, but I recall many 3¢-ers.)

11/17/06 @ 22:41