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Peahens Fan Too


  11:14:54 pm, by Nimble   , 87 words  
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Peahens Fan Too

Unless these are males of a different peafowl species, this is my first encounter of peahens, the female counterparts of peacocks, fanning their tales in much the same manner as the males do, only somewhat less spectacularly.

Peahen fan display

Peahen fanning tail

Looks like it could be some sort of dominance display against the other peahens (the peahen in the lower left of the first picture hightailed it away). In any case, it was a nice surprise to witness, since it's not the sort of phenomenon you get to witness very often.


Comment from: Noah [Visitor]

Its a female!!!!! Don’t be fooled!!!

07/28/11 @ 21:56
Comment from: raelene [Visitor]  

I’ve been raising some chicks and I’m trying to find out how many are male. Most have been fanning. Now I don’t know how to tell. Any ideas?

01/14/16 @ 17:19