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Odd Male Quail


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Odd Male Quail

Button quails. Nice ground dwelling-birds. We've got two, and a new canary. Nice ground-dwelling birds sitting on the ground.

So what goes through a quail's head when he decides to do this:

What are YOU doing up here?

That's right near the top of a pretty darned large cage.

He doesn't do it often, but he gets inspired, or jealous, or something.

First time we saw him, he was pretty unsteady on that perch, but it seemed pretty deliberate. He even slowly managed to turn around on the perch, too. (To face off with the canary?)

We've never seen any of the quail in Pisces (where we got our pair from) do this, either, even in the very large 'natural' display area where they have room to.

Xerxes, you're an odd bird.

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