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Nexxtech Desktop Alarm Clock with Flashlight


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Nexxtech Desktop Alarm Clock with Flashlight

Link: http://www.thesourcecc.com/estore/Product.aspx?language=en-CA&catalog=Online&category=Alarm_Clocks&product=6311444

Much as we may lament the takeover of most Radio Shack store by Circuit City, it has imparted to the store a "cool gadget" mentality, with pretty reasonable prices on most things, to boot.

We were looking for an alarm clock to take on safari. Well, The Source has a good half a pantful* and then some - a good twenty or so alarm-capable clocks, most with a bevy of other odd features, like a picture frame, or a remote control (!).

(*Yes, I realize this isn't in metric)

This fun little alarm clock is about a foot-long triangular stick. It's also a flashlight, which you can get by pulling out the left end a little. It also measures the temperature. It also has a sensor mode where if you touch it or otherwise move it, it lights up; great for seeing the time at night (we would suggest turning this feature off while it's in your luggage).

One of the fun bits about the interface is that you just twist the right cap forwards or backwards to switch modes, change the time, etc.

It was $15. That's a lot of fun for $15. Well, if you like odd gadgets.

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