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Mythos, "Eternity"

12/02/06 | by Adam | Categories: Music, Reviews

"Eternity" from 2002 is a mostly instrumental album from Vancouver's Mythos. Slotted into the vaguaries of the New Age section, it's like a rather more relaxed and less electronic version of Delerium. These are not dance tunes but do borrow a lot of the structure and the instrumentation. Most songs showcase complementary (and complimentary for that matter) piano and acoustic guitar -- typically Spanish -- that're a staple of the Mythos style as well as wailing voices who seem to be singing "waaay waaaay waaay" all the time.

I don't normally comment on the cover art of CDs (it's at the bottom of this post) but I love the rather abstract and fantastic artwork on this one.

As far as specific tracks go, "Alpha" has a glorious muted trumpet opening and keeps it going through the entire song. "Orca" a bit further on in the album does the same thing. "Del Mar" features a flamenco guitar as the focal point of the tune. That same guitar style returns prominently on "Leyenda". You're probably seeing where I'm going with this... One of the few tracks to include lyrics, "Dreams Of Jade" is probably the most best one on the CD. It's a bit slower with extensive use of strings which allows it to vary from the usual stylistic conventions. The most radio-friendly track on the CD is at its end. "New Day" is a remixed version of album's opener, "Ascent". It's a bit faster, uses mixed gender vocals, lets the drum machines thump away, brings in the burbling synth but still retains the archetypal wailing vocals, tinkly piano and sharp acoustic guitar line. I quite like it.

Not all is good. There's an utterly dire version of Phil Collin's "In The Air Tonight". I hated the original cut of this, and Mythos' stab at it is actually worse; it ought to have been taken out behind the shed and put out of its misery. It should certainly not be on this CD.

That major misstep aside, the defining aspect of "Eternity" is that it's really quite same-y. While writing this review I had a hard time separating the songs. They share similar beats, the female wordless vocals, supporting piano lines, electronic buzzes and so on. It's very pleasant to listen even though it changes very little from track to track. I'm still not sure if this demonstrates consistency or a lack of imagination. The album is worthwhile but I don't think you'll be focusing on it while it's playing.


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Comment from: ElTwo [Visitor]  

Ah, you picked out my favourite track with “Dreams of Jade". It stands out from the rest quite distinctly.

12/03/06 @ 02:49
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