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München - Part I?


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München - Part I?

Okay, perhaps this is a little premature, seeing as we just got here, but I´m in an Internet cafe with a 24-hour time window, so I´ll tell you about München so far :)

This is such a familiar style of city. Bigger and busier than home, but surprisingly homey-feeling. Big department stores, transit running every which way... yet there are some good old European pieces around.

We walked leisurely through the "Old Botanical Gardens" close by our hotel. It´s a bit unkempt, but charming, with a great play area for kids (including me) and some great flower displays in spots.

We´re going to attempt to go on the Dachau tour (Dena was interested, and Penny in our Human Resources department recommended it) tomorrow or the next day. We also seem to have arrived in the middle of a very cool horticultural thing, the Bundesgartenschau (National Garden Show) just outside of town over 190 hectares of grounds, with a cable car and strange plantings and the like. Oh yes, we are so there :)

Our hotel, the Hotel Condor, it a charming hotel with some spectacular murals on the walls. The front desk folks are nice, and there´s painted walls everywhere.

This brings me to a somewhat alarming feature of Munich so far: we´ve encountered a LOT of motion and pressure sensitive things. I am becoming convinced that this is due to environmental concerns, and not just to personally creep us out. For instance, the hotel corridor lights don´t come on until they detect motion. The escalators for the underground don´t start until you step on the metal plate in front of the escalator. Kudos for using less electricity, and for creep factor.

My German is inordinately rusty. I picked up a science fiction novel in German, and a small dictionary. Hoffentlich, immer mehr wird mir ankommen.

We´re here for a few days, then off to Zürich. It´s been a nice holiday so far, and is just barely more than half over. I think I needed this :)

Until later, meine Herren und Damen!

Comment by Lorelei:

Wahr dat. Was oben, hund? (OK, so maybe that sort of slang doesn't translate well. :p )
Wo ist der Bahnhof?
Mein Luftkissenfahrzeug ist von den Aalen voll...

Comment by Ritchie:

ch hab' oft gedacht, dass Lorelei ein Vogel haben könnte ;)

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