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Michael Brook, "Cobalt Blue"

11/26/06 | by Adam | Categories: Music, Reviews

I first came across Michael Brook while listening to the soundtrack to "Heat" which included "Ultramarine", an echoey heavily processed guitar track. A bit later I encountered "Diffusing" which was a very similar piece.

Having enjoyed both of them I finally located "Cobalt Blue" from which the where the first piece originated. It wasn't the knock out I expected. It's very much an ambient album -- with Brian Eno producing that's not surprising -- and really lacks any focal point. That said, the tracks tend to blur together in a positive way. While there are subtle distinctions between them, this is clearly an album to be listened to end to end while relaxed because it's not going to excite you. It's definitely not going to be at its best on shuffle play mixed with other sonic textures.

The version I have is actually a double release with a second CD that's a live performance at London Zoo entitled "Live At The Aquarium". It's a pretty good live version of the "Cobalt Blue" album with a number of other songs included. The recording quality is extremely clear and, to be honest, you'd have a tough time telling it was from a live show. The same provisios as above are still valid: it's excellent music to have in the background while working as it won't grab your attention.


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