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Low-Carb Winners & Losers


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Low-Carb Winners & Losers

Since it takes a while for some low-carb products to make their way up north of the border (if ever!), we made a small order from Netrition. Here's our household consensus:

  • Atkins Chocolate Decadence Advantage Bars - not bad, although not as good as I remember. If you like peanut butter, the chocolate peanut butter bars are excellent.
  • Carbsense Minicarb Chocolate Bars - their claim to fame? No sugar alcohols! :) (This is important - if you've not had the side effects of eating a whole handful of something with maltitol as the sweetener, you don't know what you're missing, and ignorance is bliss) :) So how do they fare?
    • Milk Chocolate - unfortunately, these are chalky. They are the lowest-carb of the lot (1 g net), however. They can taste pretty good with a layer of peanut butter on them, though ;)
    • Dark With Almonds - a little better, still a bit chalky, but the almonds help. You might like them, but you'll need to be a fan of dark chocolate in order to wolf down a whole one :)
  • Carbsense Minicarb Chocolate Chips - exactly like the dark chocolate bars, but honestly, chocolate chips are the best form for them. They taste good in muffins. Note that their melting point decreases after they've been cooked. Your hands may get messy handling muffins made with them :)
  • Keto Chocolate Milk - haven't figured out how to prepare this properly yet. NOTE: Do not put this mix into hot water! It... doesn't work. So if you're going to make hot chocolate with it, mix it in cold first
  • Keto Ketato Bacon & Cheddar - this is a strong favourite. Extremely easy to prepare, and tastes very good. It is also very filling - watch your portions :)
  • Heavenly Desserts Lemon Meringues - not bad, although they can taste very "eggy" compared to normal meringues, especially if you attempt to let them melt on your tongue

We haven't tried out the Keto sourdough bread mix yet, but perhaps soon!

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